Welcome to our site.

BUYUKCARS Ltd, is a web based “doorway” to access either auction vehicles, or vehicle suppliers in The UK who had stock for sale. This avenue was previously closed, making their vehicles unobtainable for export purchase.

BUYUKCARS , do not own the vehicles listed. We are an introductory website that either gather listings from major auction houses, or provide a platform for suppliers who wish to list their vehicles on this site.

BUYUKCARS saw an opportunity to gather a large cross section of available vehicles, into one single portal, then offer the services of VAT Removal for Export (using a Third Party) and finally to perform Pre-Export inspections, and shipping to NZ using the total logistics package of AUTOHUB NZ Ltd.

With this approach, and using professional service suppliers, we gained the trust and support of many UK suppliers, and access to their vehicle data, which can now be purchased, and inspected, and shipped directly to you Zero rated for VAT with a click of your mouse.

UK Vendor Stock Sales

  1. Zero Rated Sale: If the Vendor is a car dealer who can supply Vehicles Zero-Rated for VAT, then they can invoice you directly for the purchase (exclusive of VAT).
    AUTOHUB will then arrange to pre-inspect the vehicle at its Port Export Facility, and ship the vehicle to you.
    You will need to Register with AUTOHUB online, in order to achieve a seamless service. Register here.
  2. VAT Inclusive Sale: If the Vendor is unable to provide a Zero-Rated Sale, then we will introduce you to a Third-Party Company called “Three Pears Vehicle Solutions Ltd” (3 Pears) who can act on your behalf to purchase the vehicle inclusive of VAT, and then re-sell that vehicle to you Exclusive of VAT for Export.
    3 Pears will invoice you for the Sale Price, less any VAT, but with the addition of a handling fee to cover the work required to achieve the Zero-Rated Sale.
    You will be required to make payment to 3 Pears immediately upon invoice, and BEFORE 3 Pears makes payment to the Vendor. Any delays in payment may cause the termination of the sale.
    Once your funds are with 3 Pears, they will purchase the vehicle, from the Vendor, on your behalf.

Auction Sales

You can view auction vehicles on BUYUKCARS . If you wish to make a Tender Bid on any vehicle, you can do so on BUYUKCARS . Your tender will go to an inspection company in the UK, who will endeavour to personally view this vehicle, and telephone a report back to you, and confirm your offer.

The bid will be made under the account of 3 Pears.

Should you be successful, then 3 Pears will invoice you for the Zero-Rated Sale price of the vehicle, PLUS any auction fees, Transport, and Service Charge, whereupon you will be required to make immediate payment into their account. Any delay will stall the purchase processes, and could mean an increase in costs and fees, and even the possibility of being removed from the Auction Buying Platform.

After purchase

BUYUKCARS will notify AUTOHUB to begin their Transportation, Inspection, and booking processes for shipping.

Unless the vehicle is very large (and will require different shipping processes, with different shipping prices), it will be transported to AUTOHUB’s Export Inspection Port Facility, where it will undergo:

  1. “Gate In” survey, immediately upon arrival.
  2. Pre-clean and NZTA Structural Border Inspection by JEVIC.
  3. Any serious issues will “hold” further process, and a report with photos will be sent to you (and vendor). We will then discuss with you what action is to be taken. Otherwise, the vehicle will automatically move to the next step.
  4. MPI (Maf) Inspection and clean, also by JEVIC.
  5. Second Pre-ship Survey and Photographs Taken underneath the car.
  6. Loaded ready for shipping.
  7. Final Load Survey.
  8. Any Registration documents (and any spare keys / service books) located in the vehicle, will be gathered and couriered to NZ, an HPI Gold vehicle history check will be made, the Police check data will be sent, the vessel will be booked, and a UK Customs Entry will begin.
  9. Your car will be shipped

You have the peace of mind that our group will handle every facet of purchasing, and getting the vehicle safely and securely to you, in the fastest possible time, PLUS, the peace of mind of an NZTA Border Inspection, reporting structural issues well before leaving UK.