Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Autohub ship to and from where in the UK?

Autohub currently ship ex Felixstowe Suffolk which is the largest container Port in the UK.

Oversized vehicles e.g Trucks Motorhomes and non containerised vehicles are currently shipped ex Southampton on Roll on Roll off vessels.

What does Autohub ship?

Autohub ship Cars,SUVs, Commercial vehicles and Caravans via container.

Can Autohub assist finding a vehicle in the UK?

Yes Autohub can assist in locating and facilitating your purchase through many of our wholesale contacts.

Is there much difference in import regulations for the country of destinations?

All countries have specific importation rules and regulations; please go onto our route navigator to see specific information on each country of destination.

Can I buy vehicles from AUTOHUB?

AUTOHUB is unique. We don't sell or buy cars. Instead we offer the easiest way to ship your cars into (and out of) many parts of the world. We can take care of all associated processes involved "door to door" with one fixed price. You gain all the benefits of Large Company negotiated discounts, with no guesswork, and no worry.

What is your D2D process?

Receive the vehicle at one of our Export Centres, survey vehicle condition upon arrival and photograph, pre-export clearance process, ship, collect from port of discharge, transport to your specified commercial address or vehicle Compliance Centre.

How do you ship the vehicles?

We use a range of methods and a variety of shipping lines, offering you the maximum number of sailings to the maximum number of ports.

What is a 'Gate In' condition survey and report?

A record of the condition of the vehicle noting any damage, scratching, presence of a stereo – including digital photos taken upon our receipt of your vehicle. This is used to confirm how we received the vehicle and can be used in the event of any shipping or insurance claims.

What do I do if I believe my vehicle was damaged while in your care?

Contact us immediately and advise us of your concerns. This can be done via email to

What is the documentation and information do you require to ship my vehicle?

  1. Purchase Invoice (Proof of Legal Title)
  2. Full details of seller, buyer and vehicle (make, model, year and chassis number)

Can you ship my Trailer or caravan?

We can ship all sorts of trailers. All you need to do is provide us with full dimensions including, width, height and length – including the draw bar.