Finance Assistance through AUTOBRIDGE™

When you purchase a vehicle from UK, you are required to organise full payment to the vendors immediately upon confirmation of sale. This means that they need payment from you immediately you purchase.

Those customers, who want some assistance, may be able to receive credit terms from “AutoBridge”.

AUTOBRIDGE is a Financial entity providing services exclusively to AUTOHUB Customers.

Transit Assistance

For UK sourced vehicles imported using AUTOHUB, AUTOBRIDGE may be able to offer some support, by way of Limited Credit Terms for the purchase. This is basically an arrangement whereby AUTOHUB customers obtain assistance with carrying the debt during the transit period of the vehicle.

The transit time ex UK is a little lengthy so you may find some benefit with delaying part of your payment for vehicles, once a deposit has been received by AUTOBRIDGE from you.

Should you wish to take advantage of this service, then there is a process to follow:

  • Firstly, you will need to make application to AUTOBRIDGE for a financing facility, and agree to their terms and conditions. Once a facility is set up you can use it for any future purchases, subject to the limits and terms of the facility.
  • You will then be required to make an immediate payment of a minimum deposit to them in order secure the vehicle. The minimum required is 20% of the car cost, but you may wish to pay more, the choice is yours. The balance, plus fees will be due just prior to arrival.

Funding for this Transit Assistance is supplied by AUTOBRIDGE™.

For further information, or a pre-view of those terms and conditions, please contact AUTOBRIDGE™ here

Compliance & Floorplan Finance (NZ BUYERS ONLY)

You may also wish to apply for an exclusive extended term finance for New Zealand Dealers from AUTOBRIDGE™

AUTOBRIDGE can offer approved Dealers “Compliance” funding on UK sourced vehicles, which extends continuously from the point of purchase in the UK, right through until the vehicle has passed compliance in New Zealand. This product is ideally suited if you already have existing floorplan finance facilities in place, which can fund vehicles once they have been complied, or, to improve cash flow with money not getting tied up unnecessarily, in vehicles which are not yet on your yard.

  • Firstly, as above you will need to apply for an AUTOBRIDGE facility and agree to their terms and conditions to continue, then;
  • You will then need to make an immediate payment direct to AUTOBRIDGE to secure the vehicle. The minimum deposit payable being 20% of the FOB car cost. The balance of the FOB cost, along with a facility fee, and any additional import related charges AUTOBRIDGE has agreed to finance, fall due once the vehicle has passed NZTA Compliance. Depending on what has been agreed with AUTOBRIDGE you will still have to pay any non-funded costs, which may include Customs, GST, AUTOHUB freight charges, and Compliance charges as they fall due.

Pre-approval of Dealers by AUTOBRIDGE is required under both the options outlined above. However, once approved they can offer you a facility which funds the majority of a vehicles purchase price, from the point you “purchase”, up until either ETA or until NZ Compliance.

Additionally, for selected Dealers, AUTOBRIDGE will be offering transit, compliance and extended Floor plan finance, for vehicles imported from Japan, allowing vehicles imported under its “Compliance” option to be funded “on yard” for a period of up to 6 months. Please note, this extended Floor plan finance option is currently ONLY available for vehicles imported from Japan, not for vehicles imported from the UK.

If you are interested in investigating any of these offers, then please contact Geoff Sinclair on +64 9 320 5646 or email