BUYUKCARS LTD has secured the support of several large UK vehicle distribution companies, who have granted us access to their stock. Plus we can offer access to some auctions.

All of these vendors require immediate payment to confirm a sale.

Your use of this site, is dependent upon your understanding, and agreement that you will pay for any purchase immediately upon invoice.

Regardless of which choice you make you will either receive an invoice directly from the Vendor (in cases where you have no need for Three Pears to remove VAT) or through 3 Pears (in cases of Auction Purchase, or Stock purchase where you require Three Pears to remove VAT).

WHEN USING 3 Pears to assist with VAT removal, the amount invoiced will be in GB£.

You will need to organise settlement in this currency to secure the vehicle.

This is due immediately.

NOTE: If funds are not received from you (as cleared funds into account) by the following day, then the vehicle may not be secured, and the sale cancelled. This will then jeopardise any further use of this buying platform.

If you cannot make payment immediately upon purchase, please do not buy.

Once funds are received into the 3 Pears account, then 3 Pears will immediately pay the vendor in Full, and instruct AUTOHUB to begin the verification process for immediate shipment.

If this cannot be done, or the vehicle fails inspection, and the vehicle fails to be shipped, then you will be eligible for refund (minus any small bank fees).